This Blog will be a place dedicated to interview the Wonderful Flower Pressers and Artists
around the world that use 'Pressed Flowers" as part of their medium .
Let the world see What kind of " Art" can be made from it!
Please let me know if You would
to do an interview too or know someone ?
Come back often and Peace and Keep on Pressing...

This is the poem that reminded me to do this.

"Let us be grateful to people who make us happy,
they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom." Marcel Proust

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Marie Ann Robinson , WWPFG Heirloom

 Next on our Heirloom list is a very dear friend of mine . Though I have never met her and only have seen and heard her on a video published on PBS . Thanks to the internet and WWPFG we have a very close friendship. 
She is  the PR Director for the Guild and my right hand helping the new members too . 
Not only is she a very talented artist and presser , she is more than willing to share her secrets with you. 

 Marie Ann Robinson

Where are you from?
Originally from Charlotte, NC.  Lived in the beautiful Ozarks in southern Missouri for 16 years and now in South Dakota since 2002.

How Long have You been with World Wide Pressed Flower Guild ?
Since 2002.  That’s when I got my first computer.  I go0gled ‘pressed flowers’ and found the WWPFG and was thrilled to be able to talk to and learn from others who were as passionate as me about this art.  Couldn’t find anyone from around here that had the slightest idea of what I was so excited about!  And now I feel so very blessed by all my ‘e-friends’ from all over the world.  Not only have we broadened each other’s knowledge of pressed flower art but also we are learning about each other’s culture.  What I have discovered is that we all are so much more alike than we are different!  We all want the same things for ourselves and our families…love, security and peace.
How Long have You been doing Pressed Flower Art ?
I started crafting with pressed flowers in 1993 after finding a very fragile and faded stem of lily of the valley.  It was in my Grandmother’s bible that was given to me when she passed away.  I had been a gardener for years and played a bit with dried flowers…wreaths, arrangements.  But my grandmother’s pressed flower intrigued me and I started looking for books.  One of the very first books I found was Cellestine’s ‘Glorious Pressed Flower Projects’.  What a wonderful book to start out with and I count myself very lucky to have found her and her book.  And I was walking on air after meeting her in 2008 at the WWPFG Conference in Anaheim!  Such a truly knowledgeable and gracious lady.
Every bit of the rest I know about the art of pressed flowers I have learned from this guild…all the members who have answered my many questions on our message board and also from our wonderfully talented artists who teach our monthly online classes.  These classes are priceless!

Do you remember the first thing you pressed ?
Oh, goodness!  Not sure what the first one was, but probably larkspur…still a favorite.  But I do remember my first presses (before I found Cellestine’s!).  We had a huge set of encyclopedias with extra editions/sets of books.  Well, I took all those books off my shelf and proceeded to set them in stacks all over my house.  Then I placed some (heavy!) cinder blocks on top of these after putting every bloom I could find inside them.  My poor husband put up with this until he could see that I wasn’t giving up my experiments.  This wonderful man went out and bought me a 10 x 12’ storage shed for me to move all this stuff into!  Even heated and air conditioned it for me!  By then I had learned to use telephone books instead of my good (well not so good anymore!) encyclopedias and patio blocks for weights (much easier on the back).  I still rely a lot on my telephone book presses…I have 12 of them now that are each over 2 feet high.  They work great for nice flat leaves and flowers.

click to see larger !

What's your favorite mediums /materials?
Since I have learned about creating landscapes I think my favorite things now to use are the leaves. So many varieties and colors.  We don’t have a lot of color in the fall here so I am thrilled to trade colorful leaves for whatever I have that someone needs.  I have gotten to know many other artists this way…such a sharing/caring group of people here!

What is your favorite Flower to Press and How do you do it?
I enjoy pressing bee balm as this one is something I grow and press a lot of.  I grow the Jacob Cline which is much more resistant to powdery mildew.  It is a beautiful bright red color and keeps its color very well.  I just press it in my telephone book presses with a lot of weight…probably about 40-50 lbs (5-6 patio blocks).  I keep a dehumidifier going all summer in my work room and they usually are dry and really, really flat in about 5-6 weeks.  Takes a while, but so worth it!  I don’t cut them in half, use desiccant paper or change to new, dry  books as some do.  I press as many as I can because this is one flower that friends who want to trade me for leaves really enjoy.


Please Feel free to tell us about your work, inspiration, and thoughts with us too.
The most fun I have had with my work is with my South Dakota Series.  I have been lucky enough to have sold 2 out of the 5 I have completed.  I’ve learned how to create pheasants, geese, mallards, buffalo and the most fun (and extremely challenging) was the ‘Mt. Rushmore’ piece.    

Where  can we find your work ? web ,blog , shops ,etc   
Prairie Petal Art
Marie Ann's Gardens and Pressed Flower Art
I have my art in two local galleries…

Expressions Gallery in Watertown, SD and in Blue Dragonfly Gallery in Sisseton, SD

Please share tips ?
If you want to learn more about the art of pressed flowers my very best suggestion is to take the WWPFG’s on line classes.  And if you want to learn even more about yourself and others find a place where you can share what you have learned by teaching someone else!  I have given many free classes on making bookmarks to kids at various events.  Just the look on their faces when they see a table full of pressed flowers to pick from is priceless.  And I’ve made many new friends from the parents I’ve met…they like to make free bookmarks, too!

Go to her blog and You will see her newest creation of a winter scene with cardinals ! Below that is her Great interview with South Dakota Magazine . 
also on her blog is the link for the PBS show she did !

Peace and Happy Pressing till next time with our WWPFG Heirloom

I hope you have enjoyed the interview
Please feel free to leave comments !! Just click Below.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Jill Myers WWPFG Heirloom

my Christmas card to Mom in 08
 With Christmas just around the corner I wanted to thank you for taking time to stop by and Wish you a fabulous Holiday Season .

Please leave a comment so the Pressers knows you stopped in, don't forget to hit the share button too.  

Name: Jill Myers
Where are you from? Terre Haute, Indiana is my place of birth. Since being a member of the guild, I have lived (back there) briefly, as well as different parts of Florida and then, back up north to Cincinnati, Ohio.

How Long have You been with World Wide Pressed Flower Guild ?
Since 2002 although I have not been an active member for quite awhile now.

How Long have You been doing Pressed Flower Art ?
I actually began "exploring" the possibilities of dabbling in it when I came across the guild on the web. I enjoy the art of it although I have not pressed flowers in a long time now.

Do you remember the first thing you pressed ?
The first pressed flower project I ever attempted was the Floral Initial class offered free by the guild. I loved the challenge of attempting something I had no previous experience in doing. I was very pleased with the way my "J" initial turned out. 

Floral Initial - August 24, 2002

What's your favorite mediums /materials?
At the startup of my interest, I was living in a home surrounded by lots of country...more so than flowers. I liked incorporating interesting bits of nature into my projects...different variations of color of leaves, sticks, vines, small seeds, etc. I found that I love doing collage-type projects the most.

What is your favorite Flower to Press and How do you do it?
I would say miniature roses as I love the delicate appearance of them after pressing. I bought different presses but always had the best results simply pressing in a large phonebook. When I lived in Florida, I would anchor my phonebook (full of pressed plant material) securely and keep in the trunk of my car. With the hot, Florida sun at my disposal, I had pressed flowers, etc. fairly quickly with this method.

 Please Feel free to tell us about your work, inspiration, and thoughts with us too.
I am not currently working with pressed flowers although I do want to go back to dabbling in it eventually. I completely enjoy what others in the guild design and create. Such beautiful talent that all share. It is a lovely guild, with many talented flower pressers with wonderful knowledge that is much appreciated.

Where  can we find your work ? web ,blog , shops ,etc  
I just did this for fun but I thoroughly enjoy the websites of members of the guild who have turned this art love into a business. I will leave that talent to others for now... 

Please share tips ?
I really don't have any tips other than to just tell members new and old alike to never be afraid to explore and play with your pressed plant material. I amazed myself in what I created and realized that I was enjoying myself in the process of it all. Have fun!

Tell stories that You want people to know about the guild and pressed art.
I found the guild and learning about flower pressing at a time in my life that was quite delicate for me. I had just left a bad marriage, moved to another state, and basically started my life over again from scratch. I became an in-home caregiver to an elderly lady and this was a way I filled some of my free time. She loved my creations and was a wonderful cheering squad of one. I like to think that my dabbling in this brought some joy into her life as she had been a very creative, talented woman in her day before illness took over. So, not only did this art open a door of smiles to my friend, it was therapeutic healing for me as well from all the life changes I was experiencing. 

~ Glorious, wonderful...Me     (Jill)

"I took a tour, said I.
And what did you discover?
I found a soul painstakingly hiding from Me." ~ Jill Myers

"One day your mind will look back in time and remember a special memory. I will be that memory. Think of a beautiful, delicate, butterfly...it touched your heart and soul and then flew away. That is what I wish for you to remember me as."
~ Jill Myers

It has been so interesting reading and learning about these Pressers .
Thanks for stopping by and come again soon, peace Terica

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Lee Hough , WWPFG Heirloom

 The guild was founded in July of 2001, they gave everyone 3 months free to try it out since we did not have anything built at the first to offer. Started to collect membership fee in Oct 2001. 
  Lee Hough is my first interview of the Heirlooms . She has done so much to help the guild grow. She has wore many hats in the guild garden , among these things were Vice President in the beginning, and was  President when I started in 06. I would never have made it through learning my roll on the Executive Committee  if it were not for her help and guidance .
She has been a mentor to many of us and a great teacher too. There are several classes on our wwpfg.org website store too.

White Salvia on Black 001
I love doing Google searches on people to see what I can find .
Here is a neat article wrote by Lee on presses with great tips. 
Lee Hough: Presses
She also has a nice picture site too  

Now for the interview...

Name:  Lee A. Hough
Where are you from:  Originally, from Waterloo, IA, but have since moved to Canton, GA.
  How long have you been doing pressed flower art:  Since 1975

Do you remember the first thing you pressed:  Pasque flower
  What's your favorite mediums/materials:  I like to paint some.  I also like using paper.
What is your favorite flower to press and how do you do it: 
I think elderberry and bridal wreath are my favorite.  I pretty much just microwave them.
What is your favorite glue?  How do you use it:  I stick with Aleene's Tacky glue.  I put it in a plastic syringe, and use it that way.
Please feel free to tell us about your work, inspiration and thoughts:  I get inspiration (sometimes) from pictures, landscapes, and a variety of things.  The beauty of a flower will do that to me, as well.

Fall Landscape
  Where can we find your work? 
    Please share tips:  At this point, I don't have any at all.  Everything I know, I shared with the guild.
Take care,

Wishing You The Happiest of the Holiday Season
All these images are Lee's works

Friday, December 17, 2010

Heirlooms of World Wide Pressed Flower Guild

 Hello everyone ,
I think I finally have my list for the 26  " Heirlooms of WWPFG "the pioneers of the Guild. The Guild began in 2001,
I tried to do a top 10 list and knowing the history of the guild it was hard to stop at 26 which was to the end of 2002. 
Being in the Ex Com for so long I have seen the effects of our Heirlooms more than most. 
  We have the nice page on the website for the Founders of the Guild http://wwpfg.org/exec/founders/index.htm but the other back-bones need to be recognized too!
Below is a list of the members who started in the beginning of the guild . They had a dream of growing a garden of pressers , creating and sharing around the world. Sticking it out through all the weeding and thorns of making WWPFG a glorious place to be.
I am posting this list and tagging it Heirloom as I will each of the Heirlooms Interviews as they come in. It will also be posted on the right of the blog till next year.
That way If you search in the Search this blog section all of the Heirlooms will be gathered together like a bouquet of interviews .   
 First Joined
1 Kate Chu

2 Lee Hough
3 Barbara Hallman
4 Lynn Lang   
5 Regina Van Cura
6 Julie Daley
7 Liming Twanmoh
8 Rebekah Smith
9 Denise Tenzel
10 Hazel Pownall
11 May Long
 12 Pat Smith
13 Kotoko Dangerfield-Tsuda
14 Joanna Sheen
15 Sylvie Ashton
16 . Suzanne Faith Baybutt
17 . Theresa Phillips
18. Cherry Chen
19. Elaine McMahon
20 .Randa Black
21 .Marie Ann Robinson
 22 . Micki Wach
23.  Jill Myers  
24. Ulrike Vanover 
25 . Carolyn  Durkin  
26 . Jacki Harrington     

Please leave comments for these great folks.


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Cellestine Hannemann , see her secrets

I am so excited to say it is time to start the interviews ! 
I wanted to start the first blog with who many of us refer to as the Queen of Flower Pressing. 
The World Wide Pressed Flower Guild which she is a member of , made an award for the conferences competition , named in her honor. 'Cellestine Hannemann Best of the Show Award'
This was part a letter from Jacki Harrington the vice president of WWPFG to Cellestine about this .
 Starting at the 2010 WWPFG conference in Guangzhou, China, the competition’s Best in Show award is now called the Cellestine Hannemann Best in Show Award. We want you to know how much we honor all that you have done to advance this art form.  Shelley Xie from Michigan was the recipient of your award this year. Her picture was stunning and certainly representative of the high quality that you espouse. At every conference that the WWPFG holds, we will present your award to the Best in Show at the pressed flower competition.

 If you have been a member of the many pressed flower groups or guilds for long You have probably heard of  Cellestine Hannemann's book & or her presses ! 
 There were 151 references of her presses and book  in 1 group I belong to that she was not even a member of .  
She is known everywhere in the presser's world . 
   She had sold all her presses and books by the time I got the bug for  pressing and the art .
  I was fortunate to have Rebekah Smith as my mentor for pressing and along with the secrets she has shared with me . She also shared some of her precious presses she had purchased from Cellestine earlier. She also let me borrow her copy of what Rebekah called 'the Bible of Pressers. '
“Glorious Pressed Flower Projects”
I started looking it over that evening and when I found out there were no more new for sale , I started searching the internet on where to find a used copy? 
Her book was the first book I bought about pressing and have bought several more to share since . 
At the 2008 CA WWPFG Conference the guild presented her with an album of pictures many of us contributed to , I wish I could have been there to meet her . But I do have a couple of pictures that were shared of her at the event showing some of her techniques !    

here is a picture I did for the album for her 

I was honored to receive a letter from her for this interview.
Here is her letter . I typed it exact.

Dec 2,2010 
Dear Terica :
   Thank You for your flattering words and for including me in your pressed flower blog project. That my book has been of help to pressers was my aim and I am so happy that aim has been met. My regret is that my discovery that Callas and Gardenias (treated with caulk) do not discolor when dried in the refrigerator came after the book was published and so is not in the book.
   I am from California and have been a member of WWPFG for six years. I did not have a computer at the time but was so anxious to be a part of the Guild that I ran right out and bought a computer.
  I was bitten by the pressing bug in 1971 when a co-worker presented me with a few of her pressed flower note cards .I soon found myself with book in hand pressing everything in sight. At first it was more of a botanical pursuit as I found myself more and more appreciative of the wonders of nature, closely observing the delicate veining in leaves, the way the petals joined together in the calyx, etc.
  Shoe boxes full of pressed flowers accumulated when I began to notice disparities in the results I was getting: one time pressing well, another losing color with petals shrunken and shriveled into grotesque shapes. Along about this time my daughter and two of my friends' daughters married. I pressed their flowers in telephone books and mounted them in frames. That was the beginning of my pursuit toward pressing wedding bouquets. The next ten years were spent experimenting with various techniques with an eye towards developing foolproof methods for pressing the flowers so results would be predictable.
  In 1984 I began writing my book.I was anxious to share what I had learned with others. Knowing nothing about the world of publishing it was an uphill battle but finally in 1989 Sterling Publishers expressed an interest in the book and they published  15,000 copies in 1990.
  During all those years I was a loner. I knew no-one so ga-ga over pressing as I was.I worked in what you might call a vacuum. Then I learned of Theresa Phillip's newsletter and so thrilled to have contact with not only American, but English pressers. After my book was published Nobuo Sugino contacted me and there we were , connected with Japanese pressers as well. I was in Theresa's newsletter that I learned of WWPFG and rushed right out to buy a computer . 
    I never glued flowers to a paper background for pictures.I did not have the patience to glue every little thing in place. I mounted the flowers on a soft padded fabric. The glass ,pressing down on the flowers, not only held the loose flowers in place, but squished air out of the picture.
   Nor did I use glue for cards covered with plastic. After the flowers were all in place I laid the laminating film on the flowers, first swiping an anti-static across the laminating film to counteract the tendency of static electricity to cause the flowers to jump out of place as the plastic approached the flowers. Static was a problem back then when our humidity was often zero.
  I speak of the past tense because I am no longer able to manipulate the flowers or glue cards to folders with any accuracy ,due to a combination of arthritis and neurapathy. But I have my memories and treasure that one time I was able to attend a conference in Annaheim and meet my fellow pressers who were up to then names without faces.The album they presented me is on my coffee table and I regularly leaf through it, admiring the beautiful works of art .
Lottsa love , Cellestine   
*Nobuo Sugino (Pressed flower artist / President of Japan Wonderful Oshibana Club) also the President of International Pressed Flower Art Society

  I was so thrilled to get this letter and now it will go in my copy of her book ! 
Here are some comments from members of WWPFG that wanted to tell a little about Cellestine too. 

  I got her book and my first padded press at a class that was presented by Janie Gross at Longwood Gardens.  That is when I started pressing like a maniac.  I love her press.  She did newsletters for several years and when I found out about them, I ordered copies of all the back issues.  They were so educational.  Cellestine certainly deserves to be called the Queen of pressed flowers.  Nancy

In 1992, I pulled “Glorious Pressed Flower Projects” off the shelf in Borders Bookstore and was immediately taken by it. After 17 years of reading, rereading and daydreaming about the possibilities of my own floral preservation business, I found the author, Cellestine Hannemann online and we became quick friends.  Her encouragement provided the boldness I needed to start my own business of preserving wedding bouquets.  As I quickly approach the 6th anniversary of starting my business, Pressed Garden , my heart overflows with thankfulness as I think of my mentor and friend.  Thank you, Cellestine, for blazing the trail, for writing that book in the wee hours of the night, in spite of being told that nobody would buy a book about THAT!  Well, I did, and my life was changed by it!  And I will always be thankful for your persistence, your spunk, your encouragement and your love.  Love always, Annie Fentz, Pressed Garden . 

Here is a picture Annie made for the book for Cellestine. 

I hope You enjoyed this Interview , Please continue to come back and visit soon . 
next will be interviews from some of the first members of the Guild "Heirlooms of WWPFG".

Wishing You Peace and Happy Pressing.  
Please leaves comments , I will copy and print this later to send to Cellestine. 

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The World Wide Pressed Flower Guild 2010 China Conference

  Hello Everyone , I am adding this until I get the final touches on my list ready for the interviews to begin.
I am so thrilled to say Cellestine has already sent me hers ( via snail mail )and I hope to have in up very soon.  
You can go by Micki blog and see some fabulous pictures and a great story about Her adventures in China  mickiart.blogspot.com
Micki let me use this photo of the people that made it to the conference .

I have google translator .
Kate Chu said' It is very rough translation. This is why there is a need for human translator. Instead of pressed flower, the computer translates into embossing flower. Please just take computer translation as reference only. It cannot be taken seriously."
You can find out even more at Kate's blog like Who is winner's of the competition was . 
Enjoy the links


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

getting set up to start

I am so excited , soon I hope to get the interviews started. I posted this blog to our WWPFG Facebook page so more people will find it here. 
Please share this blog with others too. 
Peace and Happy creating.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

World Wide Pressed Flower Guild Gathering 2010

Look what fun Pressers around the world have when they get together! this was put together by one of our youngest and Highly talent Sarah. She also posted it on her wonderful blog.
Go by and see some wonderful talent .

Sunday, August 1, 2010

best friends!:-)

teaching pressed flower art to kids of all ages.
teaching-pressed-flower-art-at-Chatham Marketplace 
go by my other blog and check it out!
terica and rebekah ,best Buds !

Thursday, July 22, 2010

What the Questions will be for the Interviews

This is the basic Interview Sheet I will send to Artist asking for interviews. 

If You are an Artist that uses Pressed Flower as part of Your medium in Your arts and crafts  , please leave a comment or email me if you would like to do an interview in the future.
Peace and Happy Creating ! 

Interview Sheet Please fill this out and send any pictures You would like posted with the Interview .


Where are you from?

How Long have You been doing Pressed Flower Art and/or using Pressed Plant material in your art and crafts as a medium   ?

Do you remember the first thing you pressed ?

What’s your favorite mediums /materials?

What is your favorite glues ? 

Do You use sealers on your pressed flowers.

What is your favorite Flower to Press and How do you do it?

Please Feel free to tell us about your work, inspiration, and thoughts with us too.

Where  can we find your work ? web ,blog , shops ,etc   

Please share tips ?

Tell stories that You want people to know about working with pressed flowers and plants .

Thanks for filling this out .
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