This Blog will be a place dedicated to interview the Wonderful Flower Pressers and Artists
around the world that use 'Pressed Flowers" as part of their medium .
Let the world see What kind of " Art" can be made from it!
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to do an interview too or know someone ?
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This is the poem that reminded me to do this.

"Let us be grateful to people who make us happy,
they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom." Marcel Proust

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Lee Hough , WWPFG Heirloom

 The guild was founded in July of 2001, they gave everyone 3 months free to try it out since we did not have anything built at the first to offer. Started to collect membership fee in Oct 2001. 
  Lee Hough is my first interview of the Heirlooms . She has done so much to help the guild grow. She has wore many hats in the guild garden , among these things were Vice President in the beginning, and was  President when I started in 06. I would never have made it through learning my roll on the Executive Committee  if it were not for her help and guidance .
She has been a mentor to many of us and a great teacher too. There are several classes on our wwpfg.org website store too.

White Salvia on Black 001
I love doing Google searches on people to see what I can find .
Here is a neat article wrote by Lee on presses with great tips. 
Lee Hough: Presses
She also has a nice picture site too  

Now for the interview...

Name:  Lee A. Hough
Where are you from:  Originally, from Waterloo, IA, but have since moved to Canton, GA.
  How long have you been doing pressed flower art:  Since 1975

Do you remember the first thing you pressed:  Pasque flower
  What's your favorite mediums/materials:  I like to paint some.  I also like using paper.
What is your favorite flower to press and how do you do it: 
I think elderberry and bridal wreath are my favorite.  I pretty much just microwave them.
What is your favorite glue?  How do you use it:  I stick with Aleene's Tacky glue.  I put it in a plastic syringe, and use it that way.
Please feel free to tell us about your work, inspiration and thoughts:  I get inspiration (sometimes) from pictures, landscapes, and a variety of things.  The beauty of a flower will do that to me, as well.

Fall Landscape
  Where can we find your work? 
    Please share tips:  At this point, I don't have any at all.  Everything I know, I shared with the guild.
Take care,

Wishing You The Happiest of the Holiday Season
All these images are Lee's works


  1. ...and you certainly shared plenty Lee :)

  2. thanks Carolyn for the comment it gets lonely here, lol. I learned a tip here with the plastic syringe for glue !!

  3. I am so fortunate to be able to claim Lee as a good friend! When we met on the pressed flower group, she and Bob lived about three hour's drive from me. Eventually, I talked them both into making the trip to my house for a day of fun, fellowship and food. Over the next several years, they would make the trip once or twice a year. A couple of times, I met them halfway, and brought Lee home with me to spend several days. Each time she visited, Lee would bring supplies and tools she had discovered, and we would "play" with different techniques for backgrounds and embellishments. She also brought her latest pressed flower pictures and cards for me to see which were awesome! I am very fortunate to be the recipient of many of these beautiful creations, and still have them all proudly displayed in my home. Her re-assembled lilacs and peonies were especially amazing! I miss our visits since they moved to Georgia! We had a nice visit on the phone a couple of days ago, but it just isn't the same. Lee, I miss you, dear friend! I learned so much from you! Love, Lynn


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