This Blog will be a place dedicated to interview the Wonderful Flower Pressers and Artists
around the world that use 'Pressed Flowers" as part of their medium .
Let the world see What kind of " Art" can be made from it!
Please let me know if You would
to do an interview too or know someone ?
Come back often and Peace and Keep on Pressing...

This is the poem that reminded me to do this.

"Let us be grateful to people who make us happy,
they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom." Marcel Proust

Thursday, August 4, 2011

YourOttawaRegion Article: Pressed flower artist blossoms on world stage

Just had to share this ! Conrad is one of my heroes ... and a WWPFG member too.
Conrad Stoltz. Barrhaven resident Conrad Stoltz displays a pressed flower scene made of flowers, weeds, bark, banana peel and other plant materials. Stoltz regularly wins awards for his craft around the world. Emma Jackson

YourOttawaRegion Article: Pressed flower artist blossoms on world stage

also check out all these fabulous images

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Interview with Dorothy Marie Wark from 'Flowers Pressed by DeeMarie"

 I was so excited when I saw the interview from my friend Dee. I have never met Dee but have shared many flowers and leaves with her along with a wonderful Email-friendship. We met at a pressed flower group at yahoo. One day we will get her in our guild I hope ! 
The UK guild will be trying to get her too I am sure soon too! 
She has a true passion for nature , her photography is amazing ! I am honored to have some of Dee's nature shots I have hung proudly ! 
Her eye for detail is shown in both her works ! 

If you Click the picture it will get bigger

Dorothy Marie Wark
alias Dee and/or DeeMarie


  Where are you from?
Nipawin, Saskatchewan, Canada and I love it here.

How Long have You been doing Pressed Flower Art and/or using Pressed Plant material in your art and crafts as a medium   ?
I went wild in 2009 planted over a hundred pansies and violas and did not have many other flowers and went overboard pressing autumn leaves too that fall.

Do you remember the first thing you pressed ?
Not really except I always had a passion for beautiful autumn leaves so would place a few in books over the past several years.

What’s your favorite mediums /materials?
There isn’t a flower I do not love as well any leaves and grasses.
  I really love designing my own backgrounds be it on the computer and this spring I learned to marble on paper, silks, cotton and satin and really love the rich look the silks and satins give as a background.

What is your favorite glues ?
  I only use a tad of Elmer’s glue

Do You use sealers on your pressed flowers?
  Only on greeting cards as I am not fond of the artificial look but do cover some with stitch witchery material I get at a fabric store.

What is your favorite Flower to Press and How do you do it?
Well I find the pansies and violas the easy ones to press by any method I use either in books or microwave oven press and do like the homemade screw-down presses so use all these methods.

Please Feel free to tell us about your work, inspiration, and thoughts with us too.
I do not ever like being idle and do many different things like pressing ,creating with pressed materials, making backgrounds,computer generated artworks, doing scrapbooking, tons of photography in the spring, summer and fall,and have just learned to do marbling and there are so many things I’d still like to try but am afraid I’d need another 20 years so fear I’ll run out of time.Lol


Where  can we find your work ? web ,blog , shops ,etc
Some framed artworks are in our local gallery and my blog is at  

Note:  this link was updated March 2012

Please share tips ?
I find drying time to be very quick when I place a blue shop towel in the pages of my catalogue or phone book, place the plant material on half of towel and fold over and close the book and place under weights, usually fill gallon milk jugs full of water for weights

Tell stories that You want people to know about working with pressed flowers and plants .
Once you have decided to start pressing flowers remember it can get to be very addictive so you’ll need lots of proper storage area or move to a larger house.Lol ; I have about 50 medium sized pizza boxes with pressed material in my small room and still pressing and likely wont live long enough to use it all up so if anyone needs anything just give me a shout, ok?  

Thanks for filling this out .
 It is a pleasure, a very special thank you Terica as well to all the great friends I have made on this wonderful pressed flower group I belong to ; Your help and inspiration has made the world of difference to me.
Take care and may your blessings be filled with good health, happiness and much pressing and creating

here is the link to the group on Yahoo , Dee and I mentioned we are a part of , if you are interested .
Many of the WWPFG members visit there often too.

I do hope you enjoyed this interview . Please leave comments and click the share buttons too.
Till next time Peace and Happy Pressing !

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Denise Stirrup , WWPFG Member & PFG of UK member

 Hello everyone I hope you will enjoy this interview as much as I have. Denise is a very talented lady and shares some wonderful tips here.  When you finish the blog go by and check out her website... there you will see lots more of her beautiful works .Along with my  favorite that I so SO want to try to make one day ...  "The Eagle " picture made with leaves ! 

Denise Stirrup

Where are you from? 
Near Bath, in the south west of the UK.

How long have you been with the World Wide Pressed Flower Guild?
  3 years.

How long have you been doing pressed flower art?  

25 years.

Do you remember the first thing you pressed?  

Astrantia, willow herb seeds and berberis.  I used them to make a bookmark.

What's your favourite mediums/materials? 

I make cards and bookmarks and often use a textured creative linen card.  For pictures, I put the plant material onto fabric, usually silk or satin. I use a special method of framing to exclude as much air as possible.

What is your favourite flower to press and how do you do it?

  I like whatever is in season!  Especially hellebores in spring.  I use  the Japanese desiccant pad press for most things, my air dry press for sweet pea tendrils and flowers that are not too thick, and sometimes the microwave press if I need a final flower to finish a picture and I have it in the garden.  Then I can pick, press and use in minutes.  For grasses, autumn leaves and some tendrils I use the traditional press with layers of newspaper and put it in a very warm place.


Please feel free to tell us about your work, inspiration and thoughts.  
My pressed flower hobby is my relaxation.  I get inspiration from pictures I see, embroidery books, patterns on china, etc.

Where can we find your work? 
My web site is http://www.realpressedflowers.co.uk/
I attend local craft fairs and sell my work, and also attend larger shows with other members of The Pressed Flower Guild.

Please share tips. 

Always use clean scissors, (clean them with nail varnish remover).  Never put a flower of more than double the size next to another.  Similarly never put a flower less than half the size next to another.

Tell stories that you want people to know about the Guild and pressed art.  

The PFG  http://www.pressedflowerguild.org.uk/ and 
WWPFG  http://www.wwpfg.org/ have taught me so much.  
It is great to hear of other members' experiences, problems, solutions etc.  Meeting at conferences is an added bonus especially the flower swap where you can receive flowers and leaves that you don't have at home. 

Okay everyone,  I hope you enjoyed the blog and will leave comments and Please click the Share buttons ! 
Till next time Peace and Happy Pressing !

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Vasantha Mukthavaram , Author and WWPFG member

Hello everyone sorry for being so slow getting this next blog posted. Truthfully I have been extra busy lately trying to keep my yard and gardens growing and pressed . We are having a drought this year and it is a challenge to keep the perennials from last year to hang on while still planting more to. As I told some friends this morning I haven't created a thing for a while now just hoping all this yard work will be future pictures! 

I am very proud to share this interview with You from Vasantha ! She has a very unique style, that appealed to me the very first time I saw her works! It is truly ECO-Friendly Art. 
I was thrilled to find out she had gotten her book finished and I am proud to say I have a copy already . I am thinking about buying more for gifts too. 

        Vasantha. This is how I look :) My picture  at my website : http://mvkgreenart.com/about/

 Where are you from?
         I am from  South Indian city called Hyderabad. I was born and brought up in  a near by village . I was a stay at home mom all through my life and I raised two boys in the same city. My kids moved to US  and have settled there.  

I have been visiting US from last 10 years and enjoy dividing my time between India and US. 
I still have a lot of my siblings and Mom in India , so I shuttle between  two countries.

 How long you have been with the guild?

     I started this art work 7 years ago . I did not learn from anyone. 
It was spontaneous inspiration from the Fall leaves. After years of doing, I have found the website through search. I have joined the Guild 4 years ago. I enjoy seeing others works in the guild and gaining some inspiration, I think the Guild is the best audience who appreciate the work behind it. I strongly feel that sharing artistic views and works with people in the same field is very important.
Rama and Sita are one of the most revered gods in India

  Do you remember the first thing you pressed?
        In 2002 when I was first inspired by the fall colors, I collected leaves and took them with me to India and made my first Bouquet. 

My philosophy of this artwork? Please feel free to tell us about your work or inspiration?

        My name in my language means Spring. From childhood, I always enjoyed creating something new from waste materials or scrap stuff.
        My eye for this inclination inspired me to look into a fallen leaf to see if I can put them together in a form. In 2002, when I first took trip to CT to visit my son, the fall colors inspired me .
        From the day one, I somehow strongly felt that I should not alter /cut the leaf. That was the first rule that I made for myself. As a famous contemporary artist said " The only way  you can be free from external rules is to create your own ...rules that are even more rigid, but because they are your own, you feel completely free"

        There is no right or wrong thing in an art. Following the rules I have chosen, My art looks very rustic  at times, but I always tell myself,that's how the leaf existed in its life time, so I want to preserve the leaf as it is. I really enjoy the challenging rule I have put for myself, Because it gives me great appreciation to appreciate the shape of the leaf.
Example: One of the tree flower buds  in front of my son's house are in the shapes of legs, so I use them to make portraits.  So every season, I literally wait for those buds to appear and when I find them, I am like a kid with a candy. And also you will also find my work cannot resemble other  works as I can't find the exact shapes all the time.

         I made an Indian Inspired artwork called "Sankranthi hela" in 2004 and it was selected as cover page for a State level Magazine and was published. My work took the cover page of several magazines subsequently in India in the following years. I started doing exhibitions in small form. I did few exhibitions in the US
(Fairfield ,CT , Schaumburg,IL and Borders).
I did exhibitions in Hyderabad, India's State art gallery which brought in lot of recognition to my work.

  While I was enjoying my time with my grandchildren, I had an idea of making Animals with my leaves.  That inspired me in creating my first children's book. Creating Animals and Birds was hard task including human beings. Without modifying the leaf, doing it took me several years.  I always enjoyed Aesop's fables, So I picked 9 classic stories and completed my book. I have self published my book and I hope I can sell them in the US and India. Here's the link for one of the stories on my website .

click picture for larger image

Please pass the message about this book to your friends and families. to see more and order click below .

        Regarding my experience with the Guild, World Wide Pressed Flower Guild has been very inspiring for me. I have made a few friends on the Guild ( Kate Chu , Terica , Rebekah S , Pat Smith, Denyse Rattan-Diem ), I read every email carefully from the Guild, However due to language barrier, I dont write lot of comments or replies. I would specially thank Terica and Rebekah for providing suggestions. I hope I can meet you all at the CT conference this Fall if things work out for me.

    Whats your favorite medium or materials?
        I use leaves a lot.I collected at least 100's of leaves before making one work. I do not alter or cut the leaves. I  use the leaves, 

I also use the peeled thin bark of few trees specially in the spring.
My favorite leaves.1. neem 2. eucalyptus leaves.

  Whats your favorite glue?
    I use multipurpose glue in India. In US I use Elmers glue.

Whats your favorite flower press and how do You do it?
  I do not use any particular press. I have tried different processes like silica gel etc, but Most of the time, I use books to press the leaves and flowers.

Where can we find your work?
      My new website is mvk green art 

Please feel free to browse and write your comments. 
I could use some advice from experienced people like you.

I do hope you enjoyed  this interview and leave comments.
I am still needing new people for interviews . 
If you do pressing or just use pressed flowers for your crafts or arts ,please consider telling your story too.
Peace and Happy Spring

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Elaine McMahon , WWPFG Heirloom

 Hello everyone I am proud to introduce Elaine ,she is a very talented award winning artist. 
She is also an heirloom of WWPFG . She has been a great support to the guild . She too has wore many hats to make the guild what it is today. She has taught many classes there, was Treasurer while helping make the guild a Non-profit , and now is Hosting the 2011 WWPFG Conference this year . for more info check here.
Thanks Elaine for doing the interview .

Elaine McMahon

Where are you from?
Manchester, Ct

How Long have You been doing Pressed Flower Art and/or using Pressed Plant material in your art and crafts as a medium   ?
I began pressing by accident…literally! A pool supply company in my town had a massive chemical explosion in the summer of 2001. This caused a cloud of chlorine ash to travel many miles and a lot of plants and trees were affected.
In my own yard for example, the front half of my peony bush died overnight. My herb garden was ruined. The insurance adjuster claimed that if I cut down the herbs, the ash would neutralize to lime over the winter and the herbs would be fine the following year. I cut them down and within a month they were growing beautifully though inedible. I pondered what to do with them as I hate to waste anything. I thought, maybe I could press them and make greeting cards. Then I looked around my yard at all my flowers and thought I would try pressing them too.
My daughter-in-law introduced me to the Guild website and I joined immediately! It was the most life-changing event of my life.

Do you remember the first thing you pressed ?

What’s your favorite mediums /materials?
I prefer the look of pressed flowers on mat board but since I now vacuum seal my work, I use heavy weight drawing paper or fabric as a base. I usually use chalk pastel if I need a non-flower background.
I love working with my special blue hydrangeas! I also love working with leaves and bark.

What is your favorite glues ? 
I usually use plain old Elmer’s glue…very sparingly. I also use Botanical glue and I use a lot of double-sided tape for glue-sensitive flowers.

Do You use sealers on your pressed flowers.

What is your favorite Flower to Press and How do you do it?
Blue hydrangea. I use desiccant paper exclusively when pressing. I have home-made presses consisting of plywood, desiccant, air conditioning foam, Viva paper towel. For Hydrangeas, I also use a sheet of blank newsprint on top of the paper towel for perfectly smooth petals.

Please Feel free to tell us about your work, inspiration, and thoughts with us too.
Most of my work in the last couple of years has been for competition or as a classroom exercise through the Guild.
Any leaf or petal seems to activate my imagination. I can look at a sooty looking piece of birch bark and think, “Ah…that would make a great piece of statuary!”

Where  can we find your work ? web ,blog , shops ,etc 
In my dining room, my living room, etc. I used to do a lot of shows and fairs but found that I wasn’t selling enough to cover the time and expense involved. Now I just sell pictures occasionally to clients. I do a few bridal pieces as well.

Please share tips ?
Always use only fresh, dry plant material without spots or tears.

Tell stories that You want people to know about working with pressed flowers and plants .
Being a member of WWPFG has been the most rewarding aspect of my life. Though I have done many different types of crafts over the years, I had never done an actual piece of artwork before. After about two years of learning, I took several pieces of my artwork to the beauty salon that I shared with another hairdresser and hung them on the wall. I stood there looking at them and got kind of choked up and thought, “Oh my gosh, I am an artist!”
I am very grateful to the Guild for everything I have learned and all the friends I have made and cherish.

Please leave comments and click the share and other buttons too.
Come back next week for an interview with an wonderful artist and author Vansantha Mukthavaram 
Peace and Happy Pressing

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Rebekah Smith , WWPFG Heirloom and President

Hello everyone I am extremely proud to have Rebekah Smith do this interview . She is a very busy lady with many hats.
President of WWPFG ,works on or with chathamarts.org, works with a Therapeutic Riding Program, rescues animals and much more.
Ask her about any of her many Orgs she volunteers for , She will tell You all the wonderful things about it  and she will have You ready to volunteer too . Check out her blog, You will see she has a story for every pressed flower picture she makes.On Facebook she is a cheerleader for all of the above .
Trying to get her to talk about herself is a challenge. .
She and her husband DoctorOakroot  are known in their county as Artist that care for their community! She is also known as "The Flower Lady". People expect to see her at festivals and gatherings with her Pressed Flower Art.


where are you from...
originally from new england, but after 30 some years, north carolina feels like home!:-)

how long have you been with the guild?...
well, since before it was the guild!:-)...about ten years ago,
i found a small group of people (online) that were interested in pressed flowers...we shared tips, techniques and our love of flowers...time passed and this group of about 10 started to grow...
in 2001 the guild was born...and in 2008 it was incorporated as a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit dedicated to teaching the art and science of pressed flowers...quite a journey!:-)

how long have you been doing pressed flower art?...
eighteen years ago i met a wonderful woman named darien and saw her pressed flower art for the first time...i had been pressing for many years, but not really using the flowers for much...
darien opened a whole new world for me:-)...i immediately picked up a man's pale blue, cotton dress shirt at the thrift shop...cut it up...and used it for a background for some beautiful fall leaves...that was my first official pressed flower picture!:-)

do you remember the first thing you pressed?
my grandmother was instrumental in my love of all things flowery!:-)...she taught me the practical uses of plants...which ones would dry up poison ivy or soothe a bee sting...which ones to make tea with when you had a cough or fever...she also reminded me to give back to the earth with gratitude:-)...

i remember picking sprigs of quince and forsythia to force into bloom in the spring...all the windowsills would be full of jars and vases and i would watch eagerly as the pussy willows would start to root...there wasn't a book in the house that didn't have a bloom or leaf tucked between the pages somewhere!:-)

what are your favorite mediums/materials...
i love papers and colors and shapes!:-)...glitter and sparkles and leaves!:-)...dragonflies, fairies and rocks!:-)...i especially love rocks!:-)...that's how my website became www.flowerox.com ...
you can find out the beginning of the story here... flowers+rocks=flowerox ...just click the follow button and you'll get occasional updates about my escapades!:-)
what are your favorite glues?...
none!...i would rather go glueless!:-)...but, if i have to use something, i use a bridal bouquet pin to apply a tiny dot of whatever glue happens to be closest to me!...

by far, my biggest inspiration is the world wide pressed flower guild... www.wwpfg.org ...and all the amazing people that are a part of it...the galleries contain hundreds and hundreds of pictures of pressed flower art, i can spend hours just looking!:-)

the guild offers monthly classes which will amaze and astound you!:-)...i have learned more by participating in these classes than i ever thought possible!...and the good news is that they are frequently available for download after the formal class has ended...check for free downloads, stationary and low cost classes here...http://www.wwpfg.org/store/index.htm

where can we find your work?
my website is about to undergo some big changes...but, you can still peek through the gallery here... www.flowerox.com ...

or you can visit me at my blog... http://flowerox.blogspot.com/ ...i would love it if you would click the follow button!:-)

please share tips...
i find that if i just pick flowers up, they will tell me what they want to be!:-)...recently i have been challenging myself to randomly pick an envelope and make something out of whatever happens to be inside!...this has resulted in a whole series of flower folks and flower critters...what fun!:-)
tell stories...
i am friends with an amazing woman!:-)...you might even know her!...her name is terica!:-)...over the many years that we have been friends, we have had more fun, gotten in more trouble!...met more kool people (usually by pulling into their driveways and asking if we could pick something!:-))...and been on more flower oriented adventures than anyone could ask for!:-)...

terica, remember jumping the chain?:-)...and the guy who brought us scissors from inside his store?:-)...and the rest stops on the way to conference?:-)...and the thousand other wonderful stories!?:-)
Yep I remember, this is on the way to the 2006WWPFG Conference in  Illinois Rebekah and Rachel sneaking some flowers from a rest stop in Indiana

"Now which Rock needs a flower on it?"

pressing a few from an Illinois rest stop
Rebekah and Rachel are cheering me on to get a lilypad from the Mississippi River another guild member took this shot.
Even the trees aren't safe with Pressers around .

if you would love to have these kind of adventures too, just come to a world wide pressed flower guild conference!:-)...there are a whole bunch of us in one town at the same time!:-)...the next one is in connecticut, october of 2011...you can find out all the details here... http://www.wwpfg.org/ ...

i would love to see you there!:-)


Best Friends teaching at Chatham Marketplace
click the picture and it will take you to a story of us teaching a class to kids

 She is has been my best friend and mentor for many years . She got me started in the guild in 2006 and had me volunteering as the Members Director there in 2008 too. She also gifted my very 1st class at WWPFG ,which I still believe was the start of a new life for me.
Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you will come back next week when we will have another WWPFG Heirloom Interview featuring 
Elaine McMahon.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Interview with Mirian Tatsumi of Oshibana Art

I was doing a search for Oshibana and found her page on Facebook Oshibana Art  It was a new page too.
I left a message saying I loved her work and would like to do an interview. I was sure I had seen this art before .
And did not realize till later that this was Sylvia Barsotti's master teacher, from Brazil !! What a thrill. 

I have been admiring her work and art for sometime I even blogged about her cool video I found on Youtube . You can look on my blog and find it , it is the first video there. She demos vacuum sealing ! makingpressedflowerartandcrafts
Mirian is going to honor the WWPFG with a class at our Conference this year in Connetticut this Oct. 
Sylvia a member of WWPFG is another Fine Pressed Flower artist. She helped with the interview and I do appreciate her help.
Now for the interview ...

Mirian Tatsumi

Where are you from?
I was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil. I have lived in Japan for 7 years (from 1993 to 2000),in Kashiwa-shi, in Chiba State, nearby Tokyo.
 After coming back to Brazil, I have been going back to Japan every year, because my husband was working there.

How long have you been doing pressed flower art?
I have been doing Oshibana for the last 15 years. The first time I got in touch with Oshibana art was during a visit to a Workshop organized by the Japanese Mail Service and my future teacher, Yamada Shizuka.

In 2000 I under-graduated in this art in Japan in a three year course. After that, I came back to Brazil where I have been teaching this art for 8 years. In 2004 Mr. Sugino Nobuo, the President of Fushigina Hana Club (Pressed Flower School) in Japan was here in Brazil where I met him.
He asked me to spread his technique here in Brazil. Because of that, I have been informing
Mr. Sugino about  everything I do concerning Pressed Flowers, that is: shows, events, workshops, contests, etc

Two years in a row I have been awarded in two Japanese contests
 (The Art of Oshibana - Exhibition of Creation VI and VII).

Do you remember the first thing you pressed?
The first flower I pressed was a carnation.

What´s your favorite mediums/materials?

I am always trying to find new flowers and colors, that´s why I always have with me a pair of
scissors, a box, papers in order to be ready to press and take them with me to my house.
The material I use to press and dry the flowers and leaves is specially prepared to absorb the humidity,
which method is quite different from using a book or newspapers.
When I find a new flower, for instance, I need to know how it will look after pressing, because sometimes in spite of the beauty of this flowers when pressed the result isn´t very nice.
So, testing is a very important part of the process.

My advice: if you are in a place that you are allowed to pick flowers and other plants, it would be a pity if you don´t have the appropriate material to press and save it immediately.

According to the technique I use, pick and press as soon as possible is a must. This way color and shape are very well
 preserved and beautiful.

What are your favorite glues?

The only glue I use is Pritt and double sided tape, but only sometimes. Most of the time, I use no glue at all, which means my pf are only positioned on a background. If the glass is broken,
the plants move.
I use no glue because most of the glues are water based and so influences on the pf preservation.

As my works are vacuum sealed, to preserve the PF material, I use silicon glue, specially made for glass sealing.
This glue, however, has no contact with the pf material.

What is your favorite Flower to Press and How do you do it?

I have no favorite one. For me, every flower is interesting, even those that some would throw way. Whenever I look at a flower, I always think about a way to use it in my works, for instance : house wall, vase, shadow, clothes, animals etc

Please feel free to tell us about your work, inspiration, and thoughts with us too.

I always create a theme inside my head and try to look for a photo, landscape, drawings that translate my ideas. After that,
 I separate the plants that can be useful to produce my work, which is very demanding.

Where can we find your work? web, blog, shops, etc


Please share tips.

Sometimes, it is possible to use regular glue (white glue). For instance, when making a bird, for tiny petals  (feathers), it is necessary to use glue to fix them, instead of double sided tape.
But, only a very very small amount.
However, before using this bird it must dry completely. So, I keep it (the bird made with petals) in a special envelope for 1 or 2 days.

Tell stories that you want people to know about the guild and pressed art.

One of my students is 85 years old. She is deaf since she was 42 and because of that has a great sensibility. At the beginning,it was difficult for me to teach her because the other students wanted my attention at the same time.

However, after some time, everybody got used to it and now, after 5 years, we have all learned a lot with this, like be more patient, for example.
Besides, she has creativity, learns very fast, is happy too with her classmates results. She is happy too to attend these classes and share her time with other students.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Interview with Judy Orcutt of QuilliGraphy

Hello Everyone , This interview is late but worth the wait! 
Judy is a fabulous artist . I was looking around and found her mission for her work .
"I want to create art that stimulates the mind, that validates the spirit, and that celebrates the universe and I will use natural materials to do this." 
QuilliGraphy has pressed flower and calligraphy designs that celebrate the important events in your life such as new babies, weddings, house warming, and many other note-able events in your life .
They also create specialized designs to inspire healing in people undergoing health crises.
Now for the interview .

Judy Orcutt   

Where are you from?    
York, PA

How Long have You been doing Pressed Flower Art and/or using Pressed Plant material in your art and crafts as a medium   ? 
    I started in 1997.

Do you remember the first thing you pressed ?
  Oh, probably pansy.

What’s your favorite mediums /materials?   
   Ink, flowers, and paper

What is your favorite glues ?   
 I like Sobo glue.

Do You use sealers on your pressed flowers.  

 What is your favorite Flower to Press and How do you do it? 
Right now I am liking hellebores.  I also like passion flowers.  I ususally use the sun wave press.

Please Feel free to tell us about your work, inspiration, and thoughts with us too.
Since I wanted to share my quotes and flowers in the wholesale market, I needed to be able to reproduce them as prints.  It was through trial and error that I got good originals so that I could reproduce.  The work must be consistent in size and content.

Where  can we find your work ? web ,blog , shops ,etc   
all of the above.  I mainly wholesale my work as note cards, matted prints, mini cards & framed work.  I also have work on Etsy that I do not wholesale.  It is a place for me to try new things.

Please share tips ?

If one plans to print their work, you need to have your original as flat as possible.  I work on Bristol Board because of the water content of the ink.  Paper would be too flimsy.
I then scan the work and convert it to a digital image.

Tell stories that You want people to know about working with pressed flowers and plants .
Gosh-you can press just about anything.  I have pressed mushrooms, broccoli, strawberries, baby tomatoes.  Also it is a good way to make friends.  If I see something I want, I usually stop by and ask if I can trade some cards for some flowers.  Most people are delighted.
I thank Judy for the great interview and sharing her wonderful works and tips. 

I also thank You for dropping by , please leave comments.
Peace and Happy Pressing!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Liming Twanmoh , WWPFG Heirloom

 Hello Everyone I am proud to say we are honored to introduce You to another Heirloom of the guild . Li is a very special lady who has also wore many hats in making the guild what it is today ! 

Liming Twanmoh

Where are you from?  

Born in China, grow up in Taiwan, NY is home.

How Long have You been with World Wide Pressed Flower Guild ?
Since inception of the Guild

How Long have You been doing Pressed Flower Art ?
I started to pressed flower in 2000.

Do you remember the first thing you pressed ?
Not really. I pressed everything in sight at the beginning.

What's your favorite mediums /materials?
I like to use watercolor paper and thin paper such as mulberry paper.

What is your favorite Flower to Press and How do you do it?

Hydrangea is one of my favorite to press. Cut off each florets and press them in regular press or with desiccant board. The flowers picked on a rainy day should be dried off in a vase for few hours. A droopy hydrangea can be hydrated by immerse the whole flower in water for few hours; once the flowers are hydrated, dry off the water from the petal by putting the stem in a vase.

Please Feel free to tell us about your work, inspiration, and thoughts with us too.
Flowers and leaves themselves inspire me the most. Art work from my fellow pressers often gives me fresh idea too.

Where  can we find your work ? web ,blog , shops ,etc 
My website: http://www.pressedflora.com/

Please share tips ?
I have the "faded" flowers and leaves  kept in a  folder. Those off color material come in handy at times. For example, faded light pink dogwood petals have the right shade for a table top, a brown jasmine flower filled in nicely when a customer requested brown flowers which is jasmine turned brown in press. 

The wild grape tendrils are easy to obtain and have beautiful curves. One simple use of them is illustrated in a thank you card.

The little wild grasses on the road are not to be ignored. They can serve as trees in landscape, also nice fillers.

The herb section in grocery stores provides a large selection of greens for picture all year around. I love them.

  Tell stories that You want people to know about the guild and pressed art.

Members nicked named the Guild as a petal family. Petal family tells a lot about who we are. This is the place I grew up and matured as pressed flower person.

To support the conference competition in 2006, I challenged my self to do a sunset picture after a trip to Ghost Range, New Mexico, where Georgia O'Keeffe painted the Pedernal. The petal sunset remained as a personal favor.

Other than flowers, I like to work with leaves too. Leaves have different texture and colors. The texture and colors are very helpful in creating landscape scenes. Soundview is an example of using leaves to create landscape scene. 

Pressed Flower Art by Liming

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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Chris Maqueira , Resin Jewelry Artist , WWPFG

This is a twist from seeing just pictures of Pressed flower Art.
This is Wearable Art and Sharable Art !  Chris not only makes and sells this beautiful jewelry with resin , She has a wonderful blog where She shares how You can learn how to.
In a far away galaxy

Chris Maqueira

Where are you from?
     I was born in Salem, Oregon in the United States; but I  have lived in several other countries, traveling as a nurse, nursing instructor,  and earlier a student and translator. I am a wife, mom of a 22 year old, ICU nurse, scuba diver and knitter, seamstress and jewelry maker. 

I just turned  65 and am still in shock. I feel like a 34 year old inside!

How Long have You been with World Wide Pressed Flower Guild ?
   I think 3 years, I may have missed a year in there

How Long have You been doing Pressed Flower Art ?
  Six years now

Do you remember the first thing you pressed ?
 The first flowers I tried to press were camillias and gardenias from our garden. Neither worked out well. I had no idea what I  was doing.

What’s your favorite mediums /materials?
   I love working with two part epoxy resin, and with polymer clay.  Some of the best pieces I've done used clay as the base for a pendant.

What is your favorite Flower to Press and How do you do it?
I'm not sure I have a favorite, maybe English daisies and all blue flowers. I press daisies between blotting papers in phone  books with bricks on top. I've started doing a lot of flowers in the microwave initially then I put them into the phone book for  long term pressing. I like the results better and it gets the little bugs also. I've just started pressing African Violet blossoms and  love the results!

Please Feel free to tell us about your work, inspiration, and thoughts with us too.
My inspiration came from two pressed flower soldered edge glass pendants I bought in the 60's, that I still have. 

 For years I  would look at them and try to figure out how to make pressed flower jewelry. I was out for major surgery with a 6 month recovery time, and I started experimenting with everything--guitar, polymer clay, drawing, and pressed flowers in resin. There wasn't much for help out there yet but I kept at it .
I think that if I'd known it would take me 5 years to learn how to produce  a really acceptable piece of jewelry I would have never started!
I love trying new flowers and plants, and my aim is to have as wide a variety of shapes, colors,designs and types of flowers  as possible represented in my jewelry.

Where can we find your work ? web ,blog , shops ,etc
My web site is http://pressedflowerjewelry.com/

which sends you at this time to my Etsy shop,
"Flowers For Real Jewelry"

 (I also make custom lacy panties, in another Etsy shop).
I have two blogs,:


I am self taught in everything except my nursing career. 
I research, read, read, read. It's so much easier now with the  internet.
Floral Bouquet, click any picture and go to her shop !

Please share tips ?
If you work in resin you really need to do the research first. And you absolutely must follow the manufacturer's directions to  the T.  I'm not a direction follower, but in resin you must. My resin and pressed flower blog has lots of information.

I've  garnered from years of research and from many other resin workers.
Another tip: don't be afraid to try something different that no one else has..  Some of my best work has been from totally esoteric  materials.

Tell stories that You want people to know about the guild and pressed art.
I have gotten so much support from the guild. I was very intimidated at first, with all these wonderful pressed flower artists, but everyone is so friendly and helpful it feels like home now.
My most exciting flower gathering was when I was trying to gather wild roses outside a patient's home. I didn't realize they were growing over an irrigation ditch, as the roses were so thick I didn't see it.  I ended up getting the roses but I also got quite a bath.

Hidden Nature

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