This Blog will be a place dedicated to interview the Wonderful Flower Pressers and Artists
around the world that use 'Pressed Flowers" as part of their medium .
Let the world see What kind of " Art" can be made from it!
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to do an interview too or know someone ?
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This is the poem that reminded me to do this.

"Let us be grateful to people who make us happy,
they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom." Marcel Proust

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Suzanne Faith , WWPFG Heirloom

Wow , I knew when I started this that we would get the chance to see what inspires people to take flowers fresh , at their prime and smash them in a book or press .Only to wait weeks or months to then create simple cards, bookmarks  or fabulous Masterpieces.
Myself I thought it maybe a fun hobby to add to my gardening.
Now it is close to obsession (smiling) It has been some of the best anti-depressant found in my opinion. 
The Guild has been a second family to me since I started and I wanted to know even more about who I was talking to and sharing with.
 With these interviews I am also reaping much more than some fabulous tips . I am learning about the people behind the art. 
I was in awe when I read this next interview . Suzanne is really sharing her art in a positive way.  

Suzanne Faith

Where are you from?
Cape Cod Massachusetts

How Long have You been with World Wide Pressed Flower Guild ?
since 2002

How Long have You been doing Pressed Flower Art ?
since 1985

Do you remember the first thing you pressed ?
wildflowers from the roadside & wild grape vine tendrils.  I loved the delicate way they curled.

What's your favorite mediums /materials?  

My art is a blend of fine line pen & ink design with pressed flowers added.

What is your favorite Flower to Press and How do you do it? 

My favorite flowers to press are Delphinium and Larkspur.  They are almost foolproof and never seem to fade whether your working with the Japanese vacuum sealing method or the framing standards from the
Pressed Flower Guild of Great Britain.  My favorite way of pressing is using the desiccant pads from Japan.  They are failure free!

Please Feel free to tell us about your work, inspiration, and thoughts with us too.
I became interested in designing with pressed flowers as a way to combine my two favorite creative mediums; gardening and drawing. 

I joined the Pressed flower Guild of Great Britain in 1989 and learned much from their members.  Soon after I was introduced to Nobuo Sugino from Japan who spent the day with me in on Cape Cod sharing our different techniques of drying and assembly. I was invited by the International Pressed Flower Society to teach my techniques in Japan
and Taiwan to their students. and had my design work published  in the first edition of International Pressed Flower Art Book printed in Japan.  It was about this time that Kate was starting the World Wide Pressed Flower Guild which I quickly joined.

By profession I am a psychiatric nurse and Alzheimer's Specialist.  I am now developing programs which use art as a medium to help those with Alzheimer's reconnect to their memories.

Where  can we find your work ? web ,blog , shops ,etc

Arts and Alzheimers

Please share tips ?
Tell stories that You want people to know about the guild and pressed art.
In my research I have learned that the flower is a very powerful tool for healing.  Whether one gardens, designs with real or artificial flowers, uses aromatherapy, creates with pressed flowers, paints, or views artwork containing flowers the eye sees the visual symbol of the flower which causes positive healing energy to be released in the brain.  My goal is to use my research with flowers to develop programs that use floral design as a way to create a sense of wellness within

each person and connect them to the beauty of the natural world they live in.

Suzanne Faith

I hope You enjoyed reading this interview as much as I did ?
It was very inspiring to me . Please come back  for our next 
Heirloom Barbara Hallman! 
As always Peace and Happy creating.


  1. Hi,
    I was hesitant to ask before but would "desiccant pads" help retain color of flowers?
    There, I think I am having a progress on pressing!

  2. Suzann....I also agree that doing flower art is a great anti depressant. Just looking at and smelling flowers makes me feel happy. Some people don't appreciate the fragrance of marigolds but I do. I have used floral essential oils in candles for years. People really need to take the saying "Stop and smell the roses" seriously. We fo.

  3. thanks, suzanne, for your wonderful interview!:-)...and terica, for doing this!:-)

    the guild is taking great steps in helping to spread healing with flowers!:-)...at risk teenagers, oncology wards etc...

    please continue to share your research with us, suzanne!...it's a fascinating journey!:-)



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