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"Let us be grateful to people who make us happy,
they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom." Marcel Proust

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Interview with Judy Orcutt of QuilliGraphy

Hello Everyone , This interview is late but worth the wait! 
Judy is a fabulous artist . I was looking around and found her mission for her work .
"I want to create art that stimulates the mind, that validates the spirit, and that celebrates the universe and I will use natural materials to do this." 
QuilliGraphy has pressed flower and calligraphy designs that celebrate the important events in your life such as new babies, weddings, house warming, and many other note-able events in your life .
They also create specialized designs to inspire healing in people undergoing health crises.
Now for the interview .

Judy Orcutt   

Where are you from?    
York, PA

How Long have You been doing Pressed Flower Art and/or using Pressed Plant material in your art and crafts as a medium   ? 
    I started in 1997.

Do you remember the first thing you pressed ?
  Oh, probably pansy.

What’s your favorite mediums /materials?   
   Ink, flowers, and paper

What is your favorite glues ?   
 I like Sobo glue.

Do You use sealers on your pressed flowers.  

 What is your favorite Flower to Press and How do you do it? 
Right now I am liking hellebores.  I also like passion flowers.  I ususally use the sun wave press.

Please Feel free to tell us about your work, inspiration, and thoughts with us too.
Since I wanted to share my quotes and flowers in the wholesale market, I needed to be able to reproduce them as prints.  It was through trial and error that I got good originals so that I could reproduce.  The work must be consistent in size and content.

Where  can we find your work ? web ,blog , shops ,etc   
all of the above.  I mainly wholesale my work as note cards, matted prints, mini cards & framed work.  I also have work on Etsy that I do not wholesale.  It is a place for me to try new things.

Please share tips ?

If one plans to print their work, you need to have your original as flat as possible.  I work on Bristol Board because of the water content of the ink.  Paper would be too flimsy.
I then scan the work and convert it to a digital image.

Tell stories that You want people to know about working with pressed flowers and plants .
Gosh-you can press just about anything.  I have pressed mushrooms, broccoli, strawberries, baby tomatoes.  Also it is a good way to make friends.  If I see something I want, I usually stop by and ask if I can trade some cards for some flowers.  Most people are delighted.
I thank Judy for the great interview and sharing her wonderful works and tips. 

I also thank You for dropping by , please leave comments.
Peace and Happy Pressing!


  1. Love the interview. Judy's work is unmistakeable...works of art!

  2. another great interview!:-)

    i am lucky enough to have some of judy's work!:-)...my favorite says...someday is not a day of the week!:-)


  3. I love her art, and especially the sayings on her cards! Really beautiful

  4. Judy is a very talented artist, calligrapher and business woman. I am so glad to have met her at conferences. I look forward to seeing her new works!
    Thanks Terica for another great interview!

  5. So nice to see Judy's work and inspiration! Thanks for bringing us the story of yet another amazing artist and in this case one who has made a real name for herself. congratulations! Barbara


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