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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Interview with Mirian Tatsumi of Oshibana Art

I was doing a search for Oshibana and found her page on Facebook Oshibana Art  It was a new page too.
I left a message saying I loved her work and would like to do an interview. I was sure I had seen this art before .
And did not realize till later that this was Sylvia Barsotti's master teacher, from Brazil !! What a thrill. 

I have been admiring her work and art for sometime I even blogged about her cool video I found on Youtube . You can look on my blog and find it , it is the first video there. She demos vacuum sealing ! makingpressedflowerartandcrafts
Mirian is going to honor the WWPFG with a class at our Conference this year in Connetticut this Oct. 
Sylvia a member of WWPFG is another Fine Pressed Flower artist. She helped with the interview and I do appreciate her help.
Now for the interview ...

Mirian Tatsumi

Where are you from?
I was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil. I have lived in Japan for 7 years (from 1993 to 2000),in Kashiwa-shi, in Chiba State, nearby Tokyo.
 After coming back to Brazil, I have been going back to Japan every year, because my husband was working there.

How long have you been doing pressed flower art?
I have been doing Oshibana for the last 15 years. The first time I got in touch with Oshibana art was during a visit to a Workshop organized by the Japanese Mail Service and my future teacher, Yamada Shizuka.

In 2000 I under-graduated in this art in Japan in a three year course. After that, I came back to Brazil where I have been teaching this art for 8 years. In 2004 Mr. Sugino Nobuo, the President of Fushigina Hana Club (Pressed Flower School) in Japan was here in Brazil where I met him.
He asked me to spread his technique here in Brazil. Because of that, I have been informing
Mr. Sugino about  everything I do concerning Pressed Flowers, that is: shows, events, workshops, contests, etc

Two years in a row I have been awarded in two Japanese contests
 (The Art of Oshibana - Exhibition of Creation VI and VII).

Do you remember the first thing you pressed?
The first flower I pressed was a carnation.

What´s your favorite mediums/materials?

I am always trying to find new flowers and colors, that´s why I always have with me a pair of
scissors, a box, papers in order to be ready to press and take them with me to my house.
The material I use to press and dry the flowers and leaves is specially prepared to absorb the humidity,
which method is quite different from using a book or newspapers.
When I find a new flower, for instance, I need to know how it will look after pressing, because sometimes in spite of the beauty of this flowers when pressed the result isn´t very nice.
So, testing is a very important part of the process.

My advice: if you are in a place that you are allowed to pick flowers and other plants, it would be a pity if you don´t have the appropriate material to press and save it immediately.

According to the technique I use, pick and press as soon as possible is a must. This way color and shape are very well
 preserved and beautiful.

What are your favorite glues?

The only glue I use is Pritt and double sided tape, but only sometimes. Most of the time, I use no glue at all, which means my pf are only positioned on a background. If the glass is broken,
the plants move.
I use no glue because most of the glues are water based and so influences on the pf preservation.

As my works are vacuum sealed, to preserve the PF material, I use silicon glue, specially made for glass sealing.
This glue, however, has no contact with the pf material.

What is your favorite Flower to Press and How do you do it?

I have no favorite one. For me, every flower is interesting, even those that some would throw way. Whenever I look at a flower, I always think about a way to use it in my works, for instance : house wall, vase, shadow, clothes, animals etc

Please feel free to tell us about your work, inspiration, and thoughts with us too.

I always create a theme inside my head and try to look for a photo, landscape, drawings that translate my ideas. After that,
 I separate the plants that can be useful to produce my work, which is very demanding.

Where can we find your work? web, blog, shops, etc


Please share tips.

Sometimes, it is possible to use regular glue (white glue). For instance, when making a bird, for tiny petals  (feathers), it is necessary to use glue to fix them, instead of double sided tape.
But, only a very very small amount.
However, before using this bird it must dry completely. So, I keep it (the bird made with petals) in a special envelope for 1 or 2 days.

Tell stories that you want people to know about the guild and pressed art.

One of my students is 85 years old. She is deaf since she was 42 and because of that has a great sensibility. At the beginning,it was difficult for me to teach her because the other students wanted my attention at the same time.

However, after some time, everybody got used to it and now, after 5 years, we have all learned a lot with this, like be more patient, for example.
Besides, she has creativity, learns very fast, is happy too with her classmates results. She is happy too to attend these classes and share her time with other students.


  1. another wonderful interview, terica!:-)

    i am so excited to meet and learn from mirian in october!:-)

    wwpfg.org is so lucky to have her coming to teach us!:-)

    thanks for letting us learn more about her!:-)


  2. Great interview! I can't wait to meet Sylvia and Mirian at the WWPFG conference in Connecticut!

  3. I am learning Oshibana now with Mrs.Mutia Prasodjo, who had been lived in Nagata for several years...but now she stay in Indonesia.... It's really exciting to find and know that all flowers now look more beautiful than before....
    May I make a contact with Mirian? She is a great master I think, even she is not a Japanese,but her creation more Japanese than the Japanese itself

  4. Hello Sri , thanks for visiting , I will send your comment to Mirian .you may want to try to contact her at her website listed above in the interview or her facebook page.
    I am a director for World Wide Pressed Flower Guild an would love to see some of your work too. Peace



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