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"Let us be grateful to people who make us happy,
they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom." Marcel Proust

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Rebekah Smith , WWPFG Heirloom and President

Hello everyone I am extremely proud to have Rebekah Smith do this interview . She is a very busy lady with many hats.
President of WWPFG ,works on or with chathamarts.org, works with a Therapeutic Riding Program, rescues animals and much more.
Ask her about any of her many Orgs she volunteers for , She will tell You all the wonderful things about it  and she will have You ready to volunteer too . Check out her blog, You will see she has a story for every pressed flower picture she makes.On Facebook she is a cheerleader for all of the above .
Trying to get her to talk about herself is a challenge. .
She and her husband DoctorOakroot  are known in their county as Artist that care for their community! She is also known as "The Flower Lady". People expect to see her at festivals and gatherings with her Pressed Flower Art.


where are you from...
originally from new england, but after 30 some years, north carolina feels like home!:-)

how long have you been with the guild?...
well, since before it was the guild!:-)...about ten years ago,
i found a small group of people (online) that were interested in pressed flowers...we shared tips, techniques and our love of flowers...time passed and this group of about 10 started to grow...
in 2001 the guild was born...and in 2008 it was incorporated as a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit dedicated to teaching the art and science of pressed flowers...quite a journey!:-)

how long have you been doing pressed flower art?...
eighteen years ago i met a wonderful woman named darien and saw her pressed flower art for the first time...i had been pressing for many years, but not really using the flowers for much...
darien opened a whole new world for me:-)...i immediately picked up a man's pale blue, cotton dress shirt at the thrift shop...cut it up...and used it for a background for some beautiful fall leaves...that was my first official pressed flower picture!:-)

do you remember the first thing you pressed?
my grandmother was instrumental in my love of all things flowery!:-)...she taught me the practical uses of plants...which ones would dry up poison ivy or soothe a bee sting...which ones to make tea with when you had a cough or fever...she also reminded me to give back to the earth with gratitude:-)...

i remember picking sprigs of quince and forsythia to force into bloom in the spring...all the windowsills would be full of jars and vases and i would watch eagerly as the pussy willows would start to root...there wasn't a book in the house that didn't have a bloom or leaf tucked between the pages somewhere!:-)

what are your favorite mediums/materials...
i love papers and colors and shapes!:-)...glitter and sparkles and leaves!:-)...dragonflies, fairies and rocks!:-)...i especially love rocks!:-)...that's how my website became www.flowerox.com ...
you can find out the beginning of the story here... flowers+rocks=flowerox ...just click the follow button and you'll get occasional updates about my escapades!:-)
what are your favorite glues?...
none!...i would rather go glueless!:-)...but, if i have to use something, i use a bridal bouquet pin to apply a tiny dot of whatever glue happens to be closest to me!...

by far, my biggest inspiration is the world wide pressed flower guild... www.wwpfg.org ...and all the amazing people that are a part of it...the galleries contain hundreds and hundreds of pictures of pressed flower art, i can spend hours just looking!:-)

the guild offers monthly classes which will amaze and astound you!:-)...i have learned more by participating in these classes than i ever thought possible!...and the good news is that they are frequently available for download after the formal class has ended...check for free downloads, stationary and low cost classes here...http://www.wwpfg.org/store/index.htm

where can we find your work?
my website is about to undergo some big changes...but, you can still peek through the gallery here... www.flowerox.com ...

or you can visit me at my blog... http://flowerox.blogspot.com/ ...i would love it if you would click the follow button!:-)

please share tips...
i find that if i just pick flowers up, they will tell me what they want to be!:-)...recently i have been challenging myself to randomly pick an envelope and make something out of whatever happens to be inside!...this has resulted in a whole series of flower folks and flower critters...what fun!:-)
tell stories...
i am friends with an amazing woman!:-)...you might even know her!...her name is terica!:-)...over the many years that we have been friends, we have had more fun, gotten in more trouble!...met more kool people (usually by pulling into their driveways and asking if we could pick something!:-))...and been on more flower oriented adventures than anyone could ask for!:-)...

terica, remember jumping the chain?:-)...and the guy who brought us scissors from inside his store?:-)...and the rest stops on the way to conference?:-)...and the thousand other wonderful stories!?:-)
Yep I remember, this is on the way to the 2006WWPFG Conference in  Illinois Rebekah and Rachel sneaking some flowers from a rest stop in Indiana

"Now which Rock needs a flower on it?"

pressing a few from an Illinois rest stop
Rebekah and Rachel are cheering me on to get a lilypad from the Mississippi River another guild member took this shot.
Even the trees aren't safe with Pressers around .

if you would love to have these kind of adventures too, just come to a world wide pressed flower guild conference!:-)...there are a whole bunch of us in one town at the same time!:-)...the next one is in connecticut, october of 2011...you can find out all the details here... http://www.wwpfg.org/ ...

i would love to see you there!:-)


Best Friends teaching at Chatham Marketplace
click the picture and it will take you to a story of us teaching a class to kids

 She is has been my best friend and mentor for many years . She got me started in the guild in 2006 and had me volunteering as the Members Director there in 2008 too. She also gifted my very 1st class at WWPFG ,which I still believe was the start of a new life for me.
Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you will come back next week when we will have another WWPFG Heirloom Interview featuring 
Elaine McMahon.


  1. Another wonderful interview Terica! I loved seeing Rebekah's art again. And really loved the photo of you two at the kids class...classic!
    Marie Ann

  2. Thanks Marie Ann , I had fun putting it together.

  3. Thanks for sharing Terica! I heard Dr. Oakroot's samplers and am I glad to know you and Pat!

  4. Oh Terica, What a great interview with Rebekah!! You two are too funny! I love the microfleur in the motel story! LOL!

  5. An inspiring interview from two of my favourite people. Loved it!


  6. la!:-)...loved the memories in the pictures!:-)

    thank you!:-)


  7. Terica, I have been very intrigued by your interviews. They are all unique and inspiring. Can't wait for the next one.


  8. Great interview, lovely to read, keep up the good work. :)

  9. Rebekah,very very nice interview. I wish I could meet you (and Terica) in person! I love the variety
    and you openness to new experiences! Thank you. Chris

  10. Rebekah, I have always enjoyed your creative, gentle spirit...and I also enjoy your friendship! ((Hugs)) Annie ~*


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