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"Let us be grateful to people who make us happy,
they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom." Marcel Proust

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Vasantha Mukthavaram , Author and WWPFG member

Hello everyone sorry for being so slow getting this next blog posted. Truthfully I have been extra busy lately trying to keep my yard and gardens growing and pressed . We are having a drought this year and it is a challenge to keep the perennials from last year to hang on while still planting more to. As I told some friends this morning I haven't created a thing for a while now just hoping all this yard work will be future pictures! 

I am very proud to share this interview with You from Vasantha ! She has a very unique style, that appealed to me the very first time I saw her works! It is truly ECO-Friendly Art. 
I was thrilled to find out she had gotten her book finished and I am proud to say I have a copy already . I am thinking about buying more for gifts too. 

        Vasantha. This is how I look :) My picture  at my website : http://mvkgreenart.com/about/

 Where are you from?
         I am from  South Indian city called Hyderabad. I was born and brought up in  a near by village . I was a stay at home mom all through my life and I raised two boys in the same city. My kids moved to US  and have settled there.  

I have been visiting US from last 10 years and enjoy dividing my time between India and US. 
I still have a lot of my siblings and Mom in India , so I shuttle between  two countries.

 How long you have been with the guild?

     I started this art work 7 years ago . I did not learn from anyone. 
It was spontaneous inspiration from the Fall leaves. After years of doing, I have found the website through search. I have joined the Guild 4 years ago. I enjoy seeing others works in the guild and gaining some inspiration, I think the Guild is the best audience who appreciate the work behind it. I strongly feel that sharing artistic views and works with people in the same field is very important.
Rama and Sita are one of the most revered gods in India

  Do you remember the first thing you pressed?
        In 2002 when I was first inspired by the fall colors, I collected leaves and took them with me to India and made my first Bouquet. 

My philosophy of this artwork? Please feel free to tell us about your work or inspiration?

        My name in my language means Spring. From childhood, I always enjoyed creating something new from waste materials or scrap stuff.
        My eye for this inclination inspired me to look into a fallen leaf to see if I can put them together in a form. In 2002, when I first took trip to CT to visit my son, the fall colors inspired me .
        From the day one, I somehow strongly felt that I should not alter /cut the leaf. That was the first rule that I made for myself. As a famous contemporary artist said " The only way  you can be free from external rules is to create your own ...rules that are even more rigid, but because they are your own, you feel completely free"

        There is no right or wrong thing in an art. Following the rules I have chosen, My art looks very rustic  at times, but I always tell myself,that's how the leaf existed in its life time, so I want to preserve the leaf as it is. I really enjoy the challenging rule I have put for myself, Because it gives me great appreciation to appreciate the shape of the leaf.
Example: One of the tree flower buds  in front of my son's house are in the shapes of legs, so I use them to make portraits.  So every season, I literally wait for those buds to appear and when I find them, I am like a kid with a candy. And also you will also find my work cannot resemble other  works as I can't find the exact shapes all the time.

         I made an Indian Inspired artwork called "Sankranthi hela" in 2004 and it was selected as cover page for a State level Magazine and was published. My work took the cover page of several magazines subsequently in India in the following years. I started doing exhibitions in small form. I did few exhibitions in the US
(Fairfield ,CT , Schaumburg,IL and Borders).
I did exhibitions in Hyderabad, India's State art gallery which brought in lot of recognition to my work.

  While I was enjoying my time with my grandchildren, I had an idea of making Animals with my leaves.  That inspired me in creating my first children's book. Creating Animals and Birds was hard task including human beings. Without modifying the leaf, doing it took me several years.  I always enjoyed Aesop's fables, So I picked 9 classic stories and completed my book. I have self published my book and I hope I can sell them in the US and India. Here's the link for one of the stories on my website .

click picture for larger image

Please pass the message about this book to your friends and families. to see more and order click below .

        Regarding my experience with the Guild, World Wide Pressed Flower Guild has been very inspiring for me. I have made a few friends on the Guild ( Kate Chu , Terica , Rebekah S , Pat Smith, Denyse Rattan-Diem ), I read every email carefully from the Guild, However due to language barrier, I dont write lot of comments or replies. I would specially thank Terica and Rebekah for providing suggestions. I hope I can meet you all at the CT conference this Fall if things work out for me.

    Whats your favorite medium or materials?
        I use leaves a lot.I collected at least 100's of leaves before making one work. I do not alter or cut the leaves. I  use the leaves, 

I also use the peeled thin bark of few trees specially in the spring.
My favorite leaves.1. neem 2. eucalyptus leaves.

  Whats your favorite glue?
    I use multipurpose glue in India. In US I use Elmers glue.

Whats your favorite flower press and how do You do it?
  I do not use any particular press. I have tried different processes like silica gel etc, but Most of the time, I use books to press the leaves and flowers.

Where can we find your work?
      My new website is mvk green art 

Please feel free to browse and write your comments. 
I could use some advice from experienced people like you.

I do hope you enjoyed  this interview and leave comments.
I am still needing new people for interviews . 
If you do pressing or just use pressed flowers for your crafts or arts ,please consider telling your story too.
Peace and Happy Spring

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  1. So nice to read your interview, Vasantha. I LOVE that you do not cut the leaves. That makes it especially interesting! It's neat to see the leaf and flower shapes within your pictures. Congratulations on your book; looking forward to meeting you in Connecticut. Barbara


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