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"Let us be grateful to people who make us happy,
they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom." Marcel Proust

Friday, January 27, 2012

Interview with Sarah Samsel , WWPFG member

Look Carefully my friends at these pictures. They are all made by pressed plant material . If that is not enough check out the age of this talented artist. Pressed Flower Art is only one of many of this young lady's talents!She is a Mixed Media Artist , when you finish reading this wonderful interview , go see her blog .

Sarah Samsel

Where are you from?
Clarkesville, Ga.

How Long have You been doing Pressed Flower Art and/or using Pressed Plant material in your art and crafts as a medium   ?
Since I was 10, which was 6 years ago.

Do you remember the first thing you pressed ?
I remember pressing spiraea for bookmarks as one of my first pressed-flower projects.

What’s your favorite mediums /materials?
I really like banana peel, money plant, maple leaves, birch bark, pampas grass and plenty of others.

What is your favorite glues ? 
All I use is basic Elmer’s school glue unless I’m adhering sanwa paper. Then I use spray adhesive.
Do You use sealers on your pressed flowers.
I seal with glass, nothing liquid.

What is your favorite Flower to Press and How do you do it?

I don’t use them much but I enjoy the process of dissecting a passionflower to press. You can see how I do it by visiting this blog post:

Please feel free to tell us about your work, inspiration, and thoughts with us too.
I think a lot of my pictures are done on whims. If I thought through them too long many of them probably would not have come to be. Sometimes I’m inspired by a piece of plant material. Once I found a mushroom that reminded me of a bear’s nose so I built the rest of the bear around it.

Where  can we find your work ? web ,blog , shops ,etc   
My blog is: www.sarahslavenderblog.blogspot.com

Please share tips ?
I like making templates to glue my plant material to before I attach it to the picture.
I like using ground kitchen herbs for grass, bushes and streets.
I like gathering tiny oak and maple leaves in the very early spring, before they grow big.

Tell stories that You want people to know about working with pressed flowers and plants .
I found out about WWPFG through our now deceased neighbor, Darlene Millard Spratlin. Soon after I joined she hosted a WWPFG conference in Georgia, walking distance from my house. I attended my first conference and was thrilled with the artwork in the competition room, asked questions and saw faces that up until then were only yahoo group names. The next year I actually got to go to the California WWPFG conference! My dad took me and I learned so much and met even more amazing people! It was a dream come true!
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